Berlin Immanuel Church: Christmas Retreat Concludes

Christmas retreat concluded on Sunday, December 24. The main passage of the sermon was in 1 Peter 1:13-21, speaking of the history of salvation finding its culmination in Christmas. Christians must have the proper understanding of the significance of Christmas and its place in the history. The birth of Christ is not just another stage in the history, but marks its end. The apostles and early believers lived with eager expectation of the consummation of the history in the return of Jesus Christ and the restoration of God’s Kingdom on earth. And since we live in the time of the last days, let us head to the exhortation of apostle Peter and live our life in a holy way and in obedience to him, living out our time in reverent fear. The members enjoyed a fellowship afterwards and shared the grace and joy received through the birth of our Savior. The members of Germany pray to bring revival to the nation and expand the churches next year and lead many to the salvation in Christ Jesus.