• Surely God Is Good To Israel, But As For Me, I Had Nearly Lost My Foothold

    15 November, 2020 – When Zophar insists on God’s legalistic treatment of his friend (book of Job 20-21), Job refutes the claim that God’s justice can always be observed in his punishment of the wicked and his blessing of the righteous. It is simply not true that the ungodly live a short and miserable life. God doesn’t discriminate and he shows his mercy and goodness to all. God is patient and overlooks our sins for a time, leading us to repentance with his kindness (Rom 2:4). Zophar’s view of God was very narrow, he never looked outside of his own limited experience and the wisdom of his ancestors. Job challenged him to ask the travelers and listen to their accounts,…

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  • November 19 | 2020
    New Year’s Service

    Immanuel to host New Year’s Service, offering the very first day to God. Please come to celebrate the beginning of the Year with us!

  • November 19 | 2020
    Christmas mini-retreat

    Immanuel Church 2020 Christmas mini-retreat will be held from December 18. The event will be consist of Bible lectures, fellowships, activities and etc.

  • October 1 | 2020
    Sunday Service: He Who Withholds Kindness From a Friend

    27 September, 2020 – Job’s response to his friend’s accusations in chapters 6 and 7 reminds us that we should live the life of gospel, of being servants of God’s grace. Eliphaz failed to see God’s grace and ended up condemning his friend, instead of being an agent of God’s grace when his friend needed it the most, he became the agent of the enemy. But the life of the gospel is to fix our eyes on Christ who became our servant and gave his life for us. And when we see this great grace God demonstrated on the cross, we can’t help but make ourselves servant of his grace to others. Apostle Paul comforted believers in Corinth in their…

  • August 10 | 2020
    Sunday Service: Let Us Draw Near to God with a Sincere Heart

    9 August, 2020 – Opening with Hebrews 10:19-27, the sermon looked at important lessons for our faith that are provided in the book of Exodus dealing with the construction of the tabernacle. The priority for Israel was not to rush to the Promised Land, but first to follow the heavenly pattern shown to Moses and construct the tabernacle according to God’s instructions so that God may dwell with his people. Many think of salvation as simply getting to heaven, but clearly, salvation is about coming to God and learning to live with him first. We must know and follow God’s will to be able to pass through the wilderness of life and enter his kingdom. One of the most important…

  • May 20 | 2020
    Sunday Service: Acknowledge And Take to Heart That the Lord Is God

    17 May, 2020 – Berlin Immanuel Church continued studying the Ten Commandments this Sunday. The First Commandment in Exodus 20:3 exhorts us to examine our hearts and acknowledge that there is no other god (Deut 4:39) in our life but the Lord who loved us in Christ Jesus. There were many gods in Egypt that Moses could name, but the purpose of the Commandment is not to give us a list of false gods. There is only one God who created the heaven and earth, and only one God who gave His Son for our sins, there simply is no other. So our highest devotion must belong to Him only. God uses revelation to make Himself know to us –…

  • May 20 | 2020
    Pentecost Retreat 2020

    Pentecost Retreat will take place on 31st May 2020. Plans are still be formalized and the schedule re-formatted given the current social-distancing rules in place in Berlin. It is likely that the Pentecost event will be held online and include Bible Studies and prayer meetings. Further announcements will be made in due course.

  • December 30 | 2019
    Sunday Service: My Spirit Rejoices in God My Savior

    22 Dec, 2019 – Berlin Immanuel Church ended the Christmas retreat on Sunday with a sermon on Mary’s Song in Luke 1:46-55. Meditating on Mary’s response to the good news of the coming of the Savior, we can be reminded of the meaning of Christmas. Mary’s first reaction was confusion and disbelief – Luke 1:29, 34, but she humbled herself and accepted that this is not about her – “I am a virgin” – but about what God is doing. We always fall in the error of thinking of ourselves first, of what we have done or what we have to do. The rich young man who met the Savior but left empty in Luke 18 or Nicodemus in John…

  • November 13 | 2019
    SSunday Service: Sealed with the Promised Holy Spirit, the Guarantee of our Inheritance

    10 Nov, 2019 – Berlin Immanuel Church continued in the series on Ephesians in chapter 1 verses 13-14, focusing on the sealing with the Holy Spirit. When Paul first entered the city of Ephesus in Acts 19, he found disciples who heard the message of truth and believed, but were not yet sealed with the Spirit. The experience of Pentecost, the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, the baptism that Christ gives, is essential in a life of a Christian. Without the Spirit there is no life of God, no power, no revival neither in the church nor in the individual. It is through the Holy Spirit that the love of God is poured out in our hearts (Rom 5:5),…

  • September 25 | 2019
    Sunday Service: He Predestined Us to Adoption as Sons to Himself

    22 September, 2019 – Berlin Immanuel Church continued in the series on Ephesians in chapter 1 verse 5. Apostle Paul, writing to the Gentile Christians brings out a Roman legal term ‘adoption’ that they were closely familiar with, as many of them would have been slaves and servants. No matter what the position of the person getting adopted was before, even if he was a slave, after adoption he would enjoy the same rights and privilege as a natural child. This term emphasizes the status and position we have as children of God. Paul wants us to realize that we are firmly in the hands of both the Son and the Father (Jn 10:27-29) and no one can snatch us…