• Berlin Sunday Service: You Shall Not Murder

    27 January, 2019 – The Lord presents the first of the six examples of the righteousness of the children of God in Matthew 5:21-26. The interpretation of commandment ‘You shall not murder’ cannot be limited to its ‘letter’, and doing so would be to define it in a way that helps us to justify ourselves only. We see this kind of heart in believers very often. A good example is the story of the rich young man in Matthew 19 who asked the Lord what things he must to do to get eternal life. But when Jesus tells him that to have eternal life means to have the same heart the Father has towards us – to live a life…

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  • December 19 | 2018
    Sunday Service: We Were Dead But God Made Us Alive

    16 December, 2018 – Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:12 to remember how God responded to our state of hopelessness, and it’s essential for us to do that during the Advent. We must remember the meaning of Christmas, remember why God send us a Savior. Verses 5-7 tell us how God responded to the condition we were in without Christ in our lives in verses 1-3. We were dead in sin, but instead of death we received new life in Christ. In Savior we received new life, not just a second chance to start over, not just a better teaching – if that was the case we would still be without hope – but a new life, a new nature,…

  • November 7 | 2018
    Sunday Service: It Was Said, ‘Love Your Neighbor and Hate Your Enemy’

    21 October, 2018 – The main passage of this Sunday’s sermon was in Matthew 5:43-48, opening on the commandment to love our enemy. The commandment to love our neighbor is an anchor of the Old Testament, the ‘great commandment’ as Jesus put it in Matthew 22. But hating your enemy is an interpretation of the scribes and Pharisees, for they thought if we love one then naturally we must hate the other. The duty of love was restricted to a narrow circle, to the point that they wouldn’t even greet non-Jews (verse 47). They replaced the love that is based on God’s love for us, the kind of love that comes through faith only, with a natural love – as…

  • August 29 | 2018
    Berlin Church Holds Retreat on Sunday

    26 August, 2018 – Berlin church members gathered last Sunday to hold a service and retreat, meditating on the meaning of salvation. The service sermon concluded the series on 2 Peter reminding everyone to continue growing in God’s grace and the knowledge of the Lord, and live knowing that we live in the precious time of salvation. The afternoon Bible study reminded everyone of God’s heart of love to us shown clearly through the life of Jesus Christ, as we see it in the stories of the Samaritan woman, Bartimaeus, the adulterous woman in John 7 and many others who were healed by grace. But most importantly, God’s love was revealed to us on the cross of Christ when the…

  • June 4 | 2018
    Sunday Service: Barnabas Took Him and Brought Him to the Apostles

    Berlin Immanuel Church gathered on Sunday, 3 June, holding a service with a sermon on Barnabas with the main passage in Acts 9:18-31. Barnabas played an important role in Paul becoming the great leader, preacher and theologian. He took a risk for Saul getting involved with someone who everyone was afraid of and no one trusted. There is a potential in every person, God has plans for each one of us to do great works, and like Barnabas, we must see that potential instead of looking at the current image and reputation. We could keep away from uncomfortable people to stay safe, but a person of faith trusts in the power of God’s grace and sees beyond the character and…

  • May 7 | 2018
    Sunday Service: If We Live by the Spirit, Let Us Also Walk By the Spirit

    Berlin Immanuel Church gathered on Sunday, 6 May, continuing on the topic of Holy Spirit with the main passage in Galatians 5:16-25. After the Holy Spirit creates in us a new nature in a rebirth, what is the place of the Spirit in our daily life of faith. Apostle Paul’s answer is that we walk by the Spirit, we live by the power of the Spirit in everything that we do. We know that nothing good dwells in our old nature (Rom 7:18), and so apart from Christ we can do nothing of true value and worth that would please God (Jn 15:5). That’s why it is necessary to give lead and control to the Spirit in our lives. It…

  • April 9 | 2018
    Easter Retreat Concludes

    The Easter retreat in Berlin Immanuel church concluded with a sermon on John 20, followed by baptism and communion. The sermon pointed to the importance of sincere and open testimony of those who witnessed the resurrection of Christ. Apostle Paul says to Greeks in Athens how the resurrection is the proof of God’s love for the sinner as demonstrated on the cross of Christ. The bodily resurrection of Jesus is not something that was expected. John 20 doesn’t say that the disciples were gullible people and would think it that the explanation for the empty tomb is resurrection. John testifies that no one has even thought of it, they didn’t yet understand from Scripture that Jesus had to rise from…

  • March 19 | 2018
    Sunday Service: I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches

    Berlin Immanuel Church gathered on Sunday, 18 March, continuing in the studies on the events of the cross with John 15. Lord emphasizes to his disciples the importance of bearing fruit. We were created to be fruitful (Gen 1:28) and we were saved to bear fruit (Jn 15:8). It is when we bear much fruit that we testify with our life that we were truly saved, that we are the disciples of Christ, that we live a life that glorifies our Creator and Savior. Jesus is the true vine – the one who brought the true fruit of righteousness; he is the face of God that came to shine upon us and through his fruit we are saved (Psalm80). And…

  • February 21 | 2018
    Sunday Service: Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for They Shall Be Called Sons of God

    Berlin Immanuel Church gathered on Sunday, 18 February, continuing in series on the Beatitudes with Matthew 5:9. Those who received Christ, who believe in his name, and became children of God through faith (John 1:12, Gal 3:26), and they will recognized as such through their peacemaking. God is the God of peace (Psalm 85:8, Rom 16:20) – he both loves peace and makes peace. God is invested in a particular kind of peace – the peace between himself and man. Because of sin, the relationship between the creator and the man was shattered, we became enemies who forsaken God, children who offended their father. But through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, he brings peace between himself and man,…

  • February 12 | 2018
    Sunday Service: Blessed Are The Pure in Heart, for They Shall See God

    Berlin Immanuel Church gathered on Sunday, 11 February, continuing in series on the Beatitudes with Matthew 5:8. The Pharisees tried to reduce faith and righteousness to actions and behavior; they were more concerned about the external religion and forgot the more important matters of the law which are to love God with all our heart and mind and love our neighbor. Jesus brings out this problem when speaking to them in many places in the gospels – in Matthew 15:18-19, 12:33-34, and reminds them what God told Samuel in 1 Samuel 6:7 that God’s main concern is the man’s heart. Heart is the focus and center of the teachings of Jesus and the one thing that he wants to transform….