Welcome to the Europe Bible Camp!

Let this summer be a time for spiritual growth and fellowship with other believers.

About the Camp

Believers from all over Europe gather to deepen their faith, learn more about the Word of God, and foster a strong sense of community. This enriching experience offers a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship, as participants engage in prayer, Bible study, and uplifting worship sessions together. Through a combination of workshops, group activities, and meaningful discussions, attendees will leave the camp feeling inspired, encouraged, and spiritually renewed.

4 Gifts For You

Ultimate Gift: Salvation

Salvation Awaits You! No strings attached, simply receive it and fulfill your heart's desire.

Only Through Faith

The path to salvation lies in accepting the gift through faith alone. Believe in the power of faith.

Ultimate Guide: the Bible

The Bible holds the key to unlocking the happiness and salvation you've been searching for.

Be a Blessing

Your unchangeable faith can bring a lot of blessings from God to you and the people around you.

Our Program

What do we do during the Bible Camp?

Bible Lectures

A series of educational events that are focused on providing in-depth teachings on various topics related to the Bible. These lectures are typically led by experienced Bible scholars to help participants gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.


Fellowship and recreation are two important aspects of building strong and meaningful relationships within a community. Fellowship refers to the act of gathering together with others in a shared experience of community.

Historical Tour

Explore historically significant locations related to Christianity. Embark on a journey to various destinations that hold great importance in the history of Christianity, such as biblical sites, ancient churches, and other religious landmarks.


Meet God intimately, opening your heart to him and receiving new strength through the Holy Spirit. During Worship and Prayer nights, you can experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and healing.

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