/ Ministries



We are dedicated to revealing God’s glory in every avenue of our lives. As God endowed us all with many different gifts and talents, we commit to offer and develop them to serve others. We recognize that our individual purpose comes from being members of the body of Christ, and we share in the glory of the work Christ does through us as a whole. We organize around different ministries to pursue and grow a specific vision and function, and equip believers to become more effective in expressing their faith, in order to fulfill various callings we have as a church.


The Youth Ministry provides the younger generation, as well as those who wish to serve them, with scriptural studies, discipleship training, and opportunities for evangelism and service. Reaching the younger generation and building a network of youth fellowships is crucial in evangelical mission, as schools and universities are a crucial turning point and opportunity for individuals to respond to the calling of God. We place a strong emphasis on the study and the understanding of the holy scripture, and imparting the core values of Christian discipleship. Our purpose is to inspire young generations to become purpose-driven leaders who become the salt of the earth, transforming campuses and leading the lost generation to Christ.


Marriage is a very special creation of God. As Genesis teaches, men and women were created in God’s image, to be joined together in marriage as two becoming one flesh. A new family in God’s kingdom is formed when a man and a woman are united in holy matrimony. As they are blessed with children a new unique family is born in God’s kingdom. With Christ’s Love at the center, marriage completes each person. Families are built upon faith in Christ, Bible study, prayer and church participation. This leads to: commitment, hope, encouragement and understanding. The vision of the Family Ministry is to restore families to holiness through Jesus Christ. We strive to proclaim the Gospel with a practical approach towards family issues, and to confirm the importance of Christian faith and families.


Through humble, passionate, and skillful offerings of praise and worship, the Music Ministry aims to proclaim to all peoples a message of hope, healing and spiritual freedom as found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to empower God’s people with the truth and joy of salvation for the transformation of culture and society into one that is centered on Jesus Christ. Our ministry welcomes all those interested in music and performing arts who wish to use their God-given talents in creative ways to share the joy of knowing Christ’s love.


The church is committed to ensuring that believers are equipped with the knowledge of the Lord through the provision of basic Biblical training that is comprehensive and faithful to the scriptures. Besides a Bible study program, we provide an opportunity to enroll in leadership and theological training to help better equip those with passion to share the Gospel, in partnership with theological institutes. We want to see many young leaders rising up devoting themselves for God’s kingdom and discipling all peoples and nations.


Prayer Ministry is dedicated to offering intercessory prayers for those seeking healing and counsel of God. Today, the need for healing from various kinds of emotional and psychological wounds is greater than at any time. God eagerly desires each one of His children to be restored by the work of the Holy Spirit and to live as God’s children following the purpose of creation and the life of Jesus Christ.