Sunday Service: Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

Berlin Immanuel Church gathered on Sunday, January 22, continuing in series on the Beatitudes with Matthew 5. Verse 6 speaks of the reality of a deep longing of our souls for satisfaction. When God created man he put eternity in his heart, but man can’t find it on his own; it can only be found in dependence on God – 3:11. The world seeks for happiness and blessedness – and that’s the motive behind every ambition and every human effort, but the tragedy of the world is that it never seems to find what it’s looking for, whether that’s on individual level, in our relationships or in society.

Jeremiah 2:13 says that the cause if it is that we have forsaken our creator who is the source of the living water we thirst for, and instead we dig our own wells, but they are broken and cannot hold water. Matthew 5:6 tells us that happiness comes as a result of seeking righteousness. It is not those who thirst and hunger for happiness that are happy, but happy are those who thirst and hunger for the true purpose of our life that shall be satisfied for eternity. Those who pursue righteousness and love will find life, prosperity and honor – Proverbs 21:21. Deep and true satisfaction for our soul doesn’t come from pursuing happiness and pleasures of the world, it doesn’t come from living a religious life or good moral life. Satisfaction comes from God, to those whose passion in life is to know him and who the struggle to be like him – Matthew 5:48.