Sunday Service: Love is the Fulfilling of the Law

Berlin Immanuel Church gathered on Sunday, December 17, continuing series on the history of salvation with a sermon on the aim of Law. The main passage was in Romans 13:8-10 where apostle Paul teaches us that the aim of the law is love. Jesus has to explain in Matthew 5:17 that the gospel of grace he preaches and lives is not abolishing the law, because they separated the faith from the law and created a twisted version of law as a way to earn God’s favor through works. In Matthew 7:12 Jesus teaches how love is the actual aim of the Law and the Prophets and also deals with the problem of the legalists earlier in the chapter.

The law doesn’t call for works that we get rewarded for by God, but the law calls for obedience in faith. In Romans 9:30-32 we see how the believers were not able to attain righteousness because the pursued it not by faith but as if were works. So the law is based on faith in God’s grace – this is how the ten commandments begin. In Exodus 20:1-3, the first thing that God commands is that we remember what he has done for us, to remember his mighty works of salvation, his love and grace as he lead us out of slavery from sin to freedom. And because he demonstrated his love for us, proving that he is committed to do even the impossible to restore us back to him, he is now asking us to trust in him completely and have hope in him and seek no other.