Wednesday Service: Fix Your Thoughts on Jesus

Church members held Wednesday service on August 30, continuing in the study of the book of Hebrews. Verses 1 to 6 of chapter 3 teach us once again what the focus of the whole book is – to fix our thoughts on Christ in order that we don’t lose our confidence in what we heard and the hope of glory we live for. This message is for Christians, those who share in the heavenly calling – the word of God through which we were saved for God’s Kingdom and were born again as holy brothers and sisters not through the works but through God’s grace. Christ is both the apostle – he is the word, the truth, the revelation of God through whom only we can know the Father, and our high priest who atones for our sins and reconciles us with the Father.
Secondly, the author compares the glory of Moses to the glory of Jesus to strengthen our trust in our apostle and high priest. There was no one like Moses in the Old Testament. Numbers 12:6-8 teaches us he enjoyed a special position that no other prophet had. His glory was the greatest in history of Israel, yet the glory of Jesus is greater just as the honor of the builder is greater than the honor of the house. Moses was a faithful servant in the house of Israel, but Jesus is the Son, heir, owner and Lord. Moses is part of the house, but Christ is the builder of the house, and so our confidence is firm and unshakable as we trust in the one who makes and sustains everything.
We as individuals are the house of God and so we should examine our lives whether Jesus has the place of the builder and owner in our house, whether we handed him over the keys of the house or we still live as if we were the owners and hold onto the keys. As a church, we need to examine ourselves whether Jesus is in the center, whether he is the Lord and owner of the church. Berlin church members wish to live with their thoughts fixed on Jesus with perseverance and confidence in our Savior, building a church where Christ is the center and owner.