Wednesday Service: Jesus Our Merciful and Faithful High Priest

The church members held Wednesday service on August 23, continuing in the book of Hebrews 2:14-18. The passage speaks about the reason of the Son of God becoming fully human like one of us. Verse 17 speaks of one of the core doctrines of Christianity that Christ was fully human just as he was fully divine. He shared in our humanity because our salvation needed to be secured by death. Just as the sin entered the world through Adam and not through angels (vs 16), the Son comes to us as a fully human who can die, not as an angel, to carry our sins and the punishment which is death and thus breaking the power of sin and death and the one who holds it in this world.
Jesus becomes our High Priest, as he is called in the whole Bible only here in the book of Hebrews, who gives offering for our sins. Unlike the Old Testament where the priests had to give the sin offering repeatedly, he who was without sin becomes not only our Priest but the offering itself, laying down his own life for us. By this perfect offering he provides atonement (vs 17) for the sins of all who call on His name. Christ not only shows and provides a path of salvation leading us to eternal life, but also gives us his Spirit – the power that overcame death is with us in our weaknesses and temptations, he is near us, helping us and strengthening us (vs 18). The members in Berlin wish to live trusting and relying on their High Priest who is the hope of glory.